The Chromatically Rich Interpretations of the Hebrew Alphabet

Waxlander Hosts Gloria Abella Ballen

We are pleased to host guest artist, Gloria Abella Ballen on Sunday, February 9, 2014 from 2-5pm Mountain Time. Gloria is an award-winning international artist, and she will be presenting her most recent work – an exhibition of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This work is a stunning result of the convergence of mysticism, art and spiritual traditions, and pays inimitable homage to the twenty-two letters that changed the world.

"Lamed" - Gloria Abella Ballen
“Lamed” – Gloria Abella Ballen

These letters, that together have become Gloria’s greatest muse, were employed to record the lives of Abraham and Moses; the history of David and his songs; and the poetry of Solomon. Gloria drew from kabbalistic and mystical traditions to craft these “chromatically rich” images, and we can’t wait for you to see them in person at the one-time opening on Feb. 9th. Not only will you get to see Gloria’s pieces, but you will also have the chance to hear, directly from her, all about her inspiration, process and deep connection with the Hebrew alphabet.

Gloria has studied the Hebrew alphabet (aleph bet) for years, and her academic pursuits led her to the British Museum and the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. She has also studied the Zohar and contemporary works, such as The Alphabet of Creation by Ben Shahn, as well as the Book of Letters by Lawrence Kushner.

"Aleph Bet, The Building Blocks of the Universe" - Gloria Abella Ballen
“Aleph Bet, The Building Blocks of the Universe” – Gloria Abella Ballen

Gloria will also be presenting her new book, entitled, The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet, at this highly anticipated event. The book is a culmination of her in-depth studies, and also serves as a beautiful way to look over her body of work relating to the Jewish illuminated manuscripts.

Not only is Gloria a prolific artist, but she is also an experienced and poignant public speaker. She has presented her own work at the Mishkan Omanim, Herzliya, Isreal and the University of Essex. She has also made appearances at the Camberwell School of Art in the U.K. as well as the University of Xinjiang in China, among several others.

Her work has been shown from Christie’s in London and Louis Stern in Los Angeles to the Carillo Gil Museum in Mexico City and the Bellevue Art Museum in Seattle. The geographical spread of her deeply inspired work knows no bounds.

"Yud" - Gloria Abella Ballen
“Yud” – Gloria Abella Ballen

Additional Information about Gloria Abella Ballen:

Gloria was born in South America and is of a Sephardic family. She has proudly exhibited in the United States, Israel, Japan, Colombia, Mexico and England, and has received awards from the Latin American Graphics Biennial, Pan American Graphic Arts, UNESCO and National Endowment for the Arts, to name a few. Gloria’s art resides in corporate and private collections and museums all over the world, including the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, the Mayo Clinic and Occidental Petroleum.

Several of Gloria’s prints will also be available for purchase (framed or unframed) at this spectacular event! To view the prints and her book, please click here.

~We look forward to seeing you at the Sunday event!~





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