Chris DeRubeis in Santa Fe!

Polonaise Blue web 176x300 Chris DeRubeis in Santa Fe!

Polonaise Blue

Even in photographs, it’s easy to see the appeal of Chris DeRubeis’ unique color-induced aluminum paintings. Their tones are unbelievably bright, their abstract patterns euphoric.

Standing in front of a DeRubeis is another experience entirely. Gestural etchings on the expansive aluminum panels bring those cascades of color startlingly alive. Glowing strokes jump from panel to panel and perform tantalizing choreography before your eyes. It’s like being lost in a rainbow tinted sea of molten precious metals.

The work’s allure was enough to inspire the term Abstract Sensualism, coined by DeRubeis himself and now making its way to the art history books. The budding movement’s latest chapter opens this Friday with DeRubeis’ solo show at Waxlander. It’s our first-ever road show, and believe us: this is a carnival you’ve never seen before.

Of course, marketing originality isn’t always easy.

“I think art collectors were definitely skeptical,” says Chris’ wife Dawnel DeRubeis. “This isn’t what people were used to seeing.”

Arabesque Blue web 300x257 Chris DeRubeis in Santa Fe!

Arabesque Blue - Chris DeRubeis

The family worked for years to make DeRubeis’ work, created through a top-secret process that the artist discovered while airbrushing custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles, catch the eye of the art world. A breakthrough came in 2005, when DeRubeis’ art was honored with a MUSE Award in “New Movement.” Abstract Sensualism had new prestige, and DeRubeis was soon signed by famed art publisher David Smith.

Now DeRubeis is one of the hottest selling artists in the world. He’s showing all across the country this year, but this is your only chance to see him in Santa Fe. Come lose yourself in the holographic world of Abstract Sensualism.

Waxlander’s one-time exhibition of Chris DeRubeis’ amazing aluminum paintings is from September 17 to 30. Come meet Chris at our reception on Friday, September 28 from 5-8 p.m.


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