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Honoring The Rainbow | Group Show

Limitless Childers West Honoring The Rainbow | Group Show

Limitless – Childers-West

When color is the core theme of an exhibition one can expect that every color of the rainbow will be represented, and our current show “Conversations in Color” does not disappoint. With the works of for artists represented there is a selection that encompasses the full range of hues and a variety of genres.

Come in through August 17th to see the newest works of Sangita Phadke, Sharon Markwardt, Mike McKee and the collaborative works of Childers and West.

Sangita Phadke

The Balancing Act Sangita Phadke 242x300 Honoring The Rainbow | Group Show

The Balancing Act – Sangita Phadke

It is the careful manipulation of hues that gives Sangita Phadke’s pastel works a photographic feel. Rather than utilizing a single shade for the elements in her pieces she consistently blends colors and and utilizes a range of tints in order to give her works a look so lifelike that one feels that they can reach out and take the subject from the frame.

Sharon Markwardt

In Your Business Sharon Markwardt 225x300 Honoring The Rainbow | Group Show

In Your Business – Sharon Markwardt

Animals are known for their vibrant and colorful personalities, and Sharon Markwardt captures that exuberant spirit in her paintings. Each rainbow hue is carefully placed to showcase the character of the subject, while the combined effect remains true to the original coloring and pattern of their fur. The result is that one senses the true spirit of the animal, rather than just the physical appearance.

Mike McKee

Gateway Mike McKee 239x300 Honoring The Rainbow | Group Show

Gateway – Mike McKee

Stone may elicit thoughts of granite and gray, however there are as many colors of stone as they are elsewhere in nature.Yellows, blues, reds and more can all be found for the person willing to search for them, and once unearthed can be transformed into brilliant works of art. Mike McKee’s current works are a tribute to the varied nature of stone and includes works in several colors.


Colors blend and flow on the metal or plexiglass canvasses of the collaborative duo Josiane Childers and Justin West. Inspired by the landscape and by the vibrant personality of their three year-old son, the dynamic compositions are energetic and filled with intrigue.

Conversations In Color” Runs through August 17th.

Conversations In Color | Group Exhibition

Ready For Anything Sharon Markwardt Conversations In Color | Group Exhibition

Ready For Anything – Sharon Markwardt

Waxlander Gallery is known for being filled with colorful art. It adorns every wall and the 15 rooms are spaces where visitors can find one vibrant piece after another. The gallery is now celebrating the diversity of hues that it hosts with a group exhibition called “Conversations in Color.” The show features four Waxlander artists: Sangita Phadke, Mike, McKee, Sharon Markwardt and the collaborative works of Childers and West.

Conversations In Color” will be on display through August 17th with an artist reception on Friday August 7th from 5-8 pm.

Sangita Phadke

Cherry Duet Sangita Phadke 300x298 Conversations In Color | Group Exhibition

Cherry Duet – Sangita Phadke

Sangita Phadke shines a spotlight on the small wonders around us every day. Her still lifes feature things that are common to many households, and yet are elevated to new heights in her work. Pears, bananas, oranges and other fruit are radiant and almost glow as she recasts them as the star of their own stage.

Nature is one of the biggest inspirations for Sangita Phadke, and she seeks to impart the love she holds for the world around her to her viewers. Her works in pastel are meticulously crafted and are often mistaken for photographs at first glance. .

Mike McKee

Simplicity Mike MKee 239x300 Conversations In Color | Group Exhibition

Simplicity – Mike McKee

Mike McKee’s sculptures make a powerful statement while, at the same time, exposing the inner beauty of the stone with which he works. Not sticking to any particular style, McKee considers each stone carefully before beginning and crafts a piece that enhances it to the level of art while balancing the unique disposition of each variety.

McKee’s work is influenced by the things around him, and his Santa Fe studio is surrounded by the scenic views that northern New Mexico is known for. Music also plays a part in his work, and oftentimes the songs he hears can have subtle impacts upon a final piece.

Sharon Markwardt

The majesty of longhorn cattle, the deeply soulful gaze of bison, and the intrinsic playfulness of donkeys come alive in Sharon Markwardt’s vivid works. While, at first glance, the bright colors make her subjects seem distinct from reality, upon further contemplation one sees that it is the true nature of the animals shining through via her paint. The vibrant hues reflect the nuances of life rather than just what the eyes can see, and that makes her subjects seem even more alive.

Sharon Markwardt is inspired by her subjects and by the colors themselves. Her recent works seek to expand on both, enriching the already expansive color palette and focusing on translating the feelings of the animals onto the canvas.


Elation II Childers West 216x300 Conversations In Color | Group Exhibition

Elation II – Childers-West

Josiane Childers and Justin West have been collaborating on their steel, plexiglass and acrylic pieces for ten years now, and still find ways to make them innovating and exciting. Curves in the steel and a new method of cascading plexiglass give each piece depth and make it a combination of painting and sculpture.

The duo is inspired by the landscape; skies, mountains and plains; as well as the joy their three year old son brings. They seek to bring that same exuberance indoors with the bright colors and dimensional artwork.

Join us on August 7th from 5-8pm and meet the artists during the reception for “Conversations In Color

Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery


Midsummer Evening Suzanne Donazetti Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Midsummer Evening – Suzanne Donazetti

Flowering trees are in bloom all around Santa Fe, and here at Waxlander Gallery fresh art is budding on our walls. The new season has filled out artists with inspiration and we are eagerly awaiting each arrival of new works. Last week we looked at pieces from four of our artists, and this week we’ll peek at the most recent works of four more: Sangita Phadke, Suzanne Donazetti, Mike McKee and Erin Robbins.

Experience the newest art by coming into the gallery or browsing our artist pages.

Sangita Phadke

Satsuma Orange II Sangita Phadke 300x238 Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Satsuma Orange II – Sangita Phadke

Sangita Phadke is known for works in pastel that are so realistic they are often mistaken for photographs. Luscious colors and subtle reflections demonstrate her dedication to capturing the nuances of her subject, and her newest piece is no different. Satsuma Orange II evokes an instant desire for the sweetness and flavor of vine ripened citrus.

Suzanne Donazetti

Two distinct works become a single piece with Suzanne Donazetti’s unique process. She starts by painting on two sheets of copper, then cuts them into strips and weaves them together. The results are layered and have a quality that leaves the viewer to decide which piece is prominent. Her recent works are heavily influenced by her recent return to New Mexico and are inspired by places like the The Valley of Fires and Malpais, and her Midsummer Evening is a perfect example of this.

Mike McKee

Momentous Expression Mike McKee 200x300 Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Momentous Expression – Mike McKee

There is a timeless quality to Mike McKee’s newest sculpture. Momentous Expression evokes a sense of nostalgia, a remembrance of traditions long forgotten while also capturing the feel of the contemporary. The gray of the silvercloud alabaster and the defined ridges of this piece gives it an air of prominence and  power.

Erin Robbins

Royal Wings Erin Robbins 300x238 Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Royal Wings – Erin Robbins

Erin Robbins explores the connections between people, animals in nature in her work. She chooses colors that are meant to offer a sense of peace and serenity, and paints in such a way that the viewer is invited to fully explore the intricacies of each piece. Her newest works not only continue this, but showcase her evolution as an artist as she recently unveiled a series of landscapes alongside her more figurative works.

Magnificence II Erin Robbins 300x226 Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Magnificence II – Erin Robbins

Magnificence I Erin Robbins 300x226 Spring Art Is Blooming At Waxlander Gallery

Magnificence I – Erin Robbins