Color Alive | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Azul Javier Lopez Barbosa Color Alive | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Azul – Javier Lopez Barbosa

“I really don’t depend on inspiration to paint, it is more a need of creating, the need of being in that precious presence where nothing matters, where there is nothing but joy and peace.” – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Evolving Dream Javier Lopez Barbosa 229x300 Color Alive | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Evolving Dream – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Color psychologists know that different hues can affect the moods and psyche of a person. Variations in tone and shade can brighten the mood, induce a sense of calm or even affect how sensations with the other senses are perceived. How colors interact can also play a vital role in the reactions a person might have to a piece of art, as if the colors are alive and able to reach out and touch a person directly.

Perhaps that is why Javier Lopez Barbosa’s vibrant abstract works are a favorite among collectors and viewers. It is common to see audiences lost in contemplation as they gaze upon the glossy canvases, their eyes wandering from one vivid hue to the next. Free of constraint and form, Barbosa’s work give viewers a chance to discover something about themselves even as they find new nuance in the work.

Be Strong Javier Lopez Barbosa 300x285 Color Alive | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Be Strong – Javier Lopez Barbosa

The calming blues with a hint of passionate red in “Azul” might provide clarity to one person, and a sense of serene determination to another. “Be Strong” features warm tones that could fuel a resolute will, or provide inspiration to strive for more. Or perhaps one could be swept away with “Evolving Dream” and it’s promise of joy.

Come See Javier Lopez Barbosa’s Newest Works During His One-Man Exhibition “Lyrical Expression” Through June 1st.

A Symphony Of Color | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Intuition Jaview Lopez Barbosa A Symphony Of Color | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Intuition – Jaview Lopez Barbosa

Music has a way of stirring the soul. Layers of intricacy as one note builds upon another evoke memories and emotions, and each person finds their own meaning in the rich sound. The same is true of Javier Lopez Barbosa’s vivid paintings. Nuance and hue, and the way the elements of each piece interact can captivate and amaze even as the viewer searches for something deeper within by seeing the work.

For those who want to experience this depth for themselves, Barbosa’s expressive paintings will be on display during a one-man exhibition titled “Lyrical Expression,” to be held from May 19th through June 1st. In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to meet Barbosa during an artist reception on Friday May 22nd from 5:00-8:00 pm.

Come To Waxlander Gallery To See Javier Lopez Barbosa’s Newest Works In “Lyrical Expression

Unexplored Depths

Sentiment Javier Lopez Barbosa 275x300 A Symphony Of Color | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Sentiment – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Both music and art touch people on a deeply personal level. Subtle differences can draw joy from one, and nostalgia from another. The more a person explores each the more they understand themselves, and increased complexity in a piece allows an audience endless opportunity.

Barbosa’s vibrant works fulfill this desire for intricacy. He builds layer upon layer of color and glazing medium. Each new hue interacts with the ones below, creating new tones and new ways for viewers to approach each piece. He continues in this manner until the piece feels complete.

While his process has always involved the intricate layering of color, Barbosa’s work is constantly evolving. His nlatest pieces utilize a base of acrylic paints and glazes, then he switches to oils for the final coats. He is also consistently adding to his palette, with new colors appearing on a regular basis.

Lyrical Expression

My inspiration as usual comes from within and the now, I’m just experimenting with some new colors. and I really just try to have fun with it.

Shimmering Moment Javier Lopez Barbosa 300x257 A Symphony Of Color | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Shimmering Moment – Javier Lopez Barbosa

“Lyrical Expression” is Barbosa’s first show with Waxlander Gallery, and he has brought more than 30 paintings for his debut. Colors from across the spectrum are included, from primarily black and white pieces such as “Shimmering Moment” to pieces that include a wide range of hues such as “Sentiment,” and like a varied composer, each painting tells a different story.

From the wide swaths of color in the calming “Devotion” to the controlled chaos of “Intuition” there are plenty of pieces to appeal to all audiences and to fit within all color schemes. To see the pieces included in the show and more please visit Javier Lopez Barbosa’s artist page, then come see your favorites in person from May 19th through June 1st.

Join Us And Meet Javier Lopez Barbosa During The Opening Reception For Lyrical Expression On May 22nd From 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

Devotion Javier Lopez Barbosa A Symphony Of Color | Javier Lopez Barbosa

Devotion – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Art For All Ages | Passport To The Arts

Dominique Boisjoli e1431052045864 Art For All Ages | Passport To The Arts

Dominique Boisjoli At Passport To The Arts 2013

Santa Fe is a city filled with art and culture, and with more than 75 galleries Canyon Road is at the heart of this vibrant community. It is only natural that with the diversity that comes from such a large gathering of creative talent that they would celebrate the opening of the summer art season in grand style. Passport to the Arts is just such an occasion, with two days filled with art and discovery.

The Fourth Annual Passport To The Arts Is On May 8th and 9th.

Friday May 8th

2015 04 26 14h24 50 160x300 Art For All Ages | Passport To The ArtsThe weekend kicks off with a scavenger hunt beginning at 4 pm. Perfect for family and friends, this event encourages discovery all along The Road. Participants will gather at Canyon Road Contemporary (403 Canyon Road) to pick up their passports, then they will decipher the clues and upload images to Instagram using the hashtag #CanyonRoadPassport. Completed passports will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

For those who want to explore deeper, galleries all along the road will hold openings, receptions, silent auctions and more as part of an Art Walk starting at 5 pm. Some galleries will showcase artist demonstrations, or other special events. Look for Passport to the Art signs and banners and discover hidden gems all along the road.

Saturday May 9th

Andree Hudson At Passport to the Arts 2012 Art For All Ages | Passport To The Arts

Andree Hudson At Passport to the Arts 2012

Art lovers of all ages will have a treat on Saturday morning. Artists all along Canyon Road will be working, each tasked with creating an original work within two hours. Viewers will be able to see the process live, and learn more about techniques and inspirations. Artists will pick up their paintbrushes at 11 am, and work until 1 pm. Artists will be grouped into seven locations, allowing visitors to watch several artists at once.

One of the Quick Draw locations is here at Waxlander Gallery. Six of our artists; Andree Hudson, Patrick Matthews, Tracee Gentry-Matthews, Dominique Boisjoli, Jami Tobey and Sandy Keller; will be participating, and we will also welcome artists from four other galleries. With a wide range of styles and genres it is a fabulous chance to watch and discover more about a favorite artist or find a new one.

Once the time runs out in the Quick Draw the artists will frame and otherwise prepare their works for the afternoon auction. As the art makes its way down the road, even more is waiting for visitors there. Starting at 1 pm Santa Fe students will take the stage at the Big Tent at Wiford Gallery (403 Canyon Road) to perform. Audiences young and old will hear the dedication of young performers as five groups will play for fifteen minutes each.

Finally, the arts festival concludes with a cocktail reception, where visitors can meet the artists, view the pieces for both the live and silent auctions and register to bid. Immediately following the reception is the live auction, where bidders eagerly vie for the pieces created earlier in the day.

For more information about Passport to the Arts please visit:

Join Us Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th to enjoy all of the Passport to the Arts activities.