No Better Time… | The Annual Waxlander Gallery Art Auction

Gallop Andree Hudson 2015 Auction No Better Time... | The Annual Waxlander Gallery Art Auction

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Art is an important part of life. Creating it is an expression of individuality, and viewing it allows one to expand their horizons. In the home it allows one to display their unique tastes and gives the space a feeling of warmth.

Starting or adding to a collection allows one to enjoy the benefits of art in their lives, and there is no better time to acquire new pieces than during our annual art auction. You can already preview some of the works that will be available by visiting the pages of your favorite artist. Then prepare to place your bids starting on January 29th.

Mark your calendar. The Waxlander Gallery Art Auction is one week only – From January 29th through February 7th.

What To Expect

Midnight Thunder Chris Turri 2015 Auction 200x300 No Better Time... | The Annual Waxlander Gallery Art Auction

There are more than twenty artists participating in the auction this year, and with so many you’re sure to find a piece that is a perfect addition to your home or office.  Both sculptures and paintings will be available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Among the participating artists are several collector and visitor favorites. Juicy watercolors by Phyllis Kapp, vibrant landscapes by Marshall Noice, energetic animals from Andree Hudson, captivating abstracts by Javier Lopez Barbosa, and still lifes by Sangita Phadke are all among works available.

An enthusiastic collector can expect to see several pieces from our sculptors as well. The auction will include native inspired works from Chris Turri, dancing animals from Laurel Peterson Gregory, evocative women from Nnamdi Okonkwo, and New Mexico travertine works from Greg Robertson. Simple head to our Waxlander Artists page to start browsing and pick the pieces you want to bid on.

How It Works

Green Hill Marshall Noice 2015 Auction 300x240 No Better Time... | The Annual Waxlander Gallery Art Auction

This is a call-in auction, allowing you to browse and bid from wherever you are. The bidding will open on Thursday January 29th at 10:00 AM MST and close on Saturday February 4th at 4:00 PM MST.

The minimum bids for two dimensional art will start at 40% off the normal Waxlander price, while three dimensional pieces will start at 25% off. Bidding increments will be $50 for pieces starting under $1000, while pieces above $1000 will be bid on in increments of $100. For those who see a piece that they must have, ‘buy it now’ options are available on all works.


Visit the pages of each of your favorite Waxlander artists to see which pieces are included in the auction. Then call (505) 984-2202 or toll Free  at (800) 342-2202 between 10 AM on January 29th and 4 PM on February 7th to bid on your must-have additions.

Captivating Color | Sharon Markwardt

Long and Strong Sharon Markwardt Captivating Color | Sharon Markwardt

Long and Strong – Sharon Markwardt

Sharon Markwardt’s art is filled with color. Familiar sights and animals are vibrant as she takes the hues she sees and makes them both stronger and bolder. Her western art is loved by many visitors to the gallery, and you can see her passion for the work in every brushstroke.

Markwardt has been busy over the past several months. In addition to her contributions to our recently concluded holiday group show, she has been invited to several exhibitions and was included in a November Southwest Art article.

A New Look At The West

NLATW Markwardt 300x298 Captivating Color | Sharon MarkwardtThis past November Markwardt was a returning artist in the “A New Look At The West” exhibition, which was held at The Pearce Museum at Navarro College. Dedicated to documenting the changing field of western art, this juried show and sale is a chance for artists to showcase their fresh perspectives on the genre and to provide patrons and collectors the opportunity to participate in the transformation of western art.

Markwardt was among thirty artists selected for the show, which took place from October 25th through November 22nd. She was further honored by receiving the Navarro Council of the Arts award for her piece titled Thunder in Red.

Learn more about “A New Look At The West” here.

Southwest Art

In addition to the accolades during “A New Look At The West” Markwardt was also included in a recent Southwest Art article. The November 2014 piece focused on sixteen female artists, and explores each of their backgrounds, processes and styles. The article marks Markwardt’s eighth mention in the magazine, which focuses on American Western Art.

To read the article please click here.

Cowgirl Up!

Thunders Quest Markwardt Cowgirl Up Captivating Color | Sharon Markwardt

Thunder’s Quest – Markwardt – For “Cowgirl Up!”

Markwardt is also entering 2015 with a major exhibition in her near future. She has once more been asked to show her works at the Cowgirl Up! exhibition and sale at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona. One piece, Thunder’s Quest has already been completed for the exhibition, and she is working on more.

Cowgirl Up! is focused on bringing forward the contributions to western art by female creators.  Started in 2006, the 2015 event marks the tenth year. More than fifty female artists are included in the exhibit, which will run from March 20th to May 3rd.

For more information about Cowgirl Up! please visit

See more of Sharon Markwardt’s work by coming in or visiting her artist page.

Birthday Wishes | Phyllis Kapp

Our Romance Phyllis Kapp Birthday Wishes | Phyllis Kapp

Our Romance – Phyllis Kapp

While December is a special time for many, this month holds a special place in our hearts here at Waxlander Gallery. In addition to the parties and festivities of the season it is also the time of year when we celebrate the birthday of founder Phyllis Kapp, as well as the anniversary of the gallery itself.

It was in 1985 that Kapp left Chicago only days before her birthday with the goal of being in Santa Fe to celebrate her 55th year and to begin selling her art from a studio on Canyon Road. Little did she know then that the place she made her home would grow and become Waxlander Gallery.

Beginning of a Wish

“I feel like I’ve been blessed. It’s such a wonderful feeling to help artists with their dreams.”

artist phyllis kapp 2 300x300 Birthday Wishes | Phyllis KappIt was a birthday wish that originally brought Kapp to Santa Fe, and almost 30 years later not only did her wish come true but it also allows her to help other artists achieve their dreams. She arrived on Canyon Road and was soon working and living in the studio that would originally become the gallery we know today. She slept and painted in one room, cooked in another and the third room was dedicated to selling her art. Gradually, as other tenants in the building left, she was able to expand.

Kapp never expected that she would be the owner of a gallery. It was as other artists came to her that the stable began to grow. She loves being able to help her artists and watch them grow over time. She also loves that she can meet new people at the gallery and see reactions to the art.

Celebrating 84 Years

“My favorite moment of time is always when I’m painting.”

You Are The World To Me Phyllis Kapp 220x300 Birthday Wishes | Phyllis Kapp

You Are The World To Me – Phyllis Kapp

Kapp may be an entrepreneur, but her heart is always one of an artist, and at 84 her work is as vibrant as ever. Her passion for her work is has never waned, and she says that her favorite thing is to be painting with the music on.

Kapp also continues to have grand birthday wishes, though they might not be as life-changing as the one that brought her to Santa Fe. This year it was to revisit one of New Mexico’s beautiful places with her daughters.

Kapp decided to spend her birthday at the Bosque del Apache. The scenic location offers ample inspiration for a number of artists, but late November through early December is a particularly magical time to visit as migrating cranes fill the wetlands. Kapp and her daughters would wake at five in the morning to watch the birds fly off in formation over the landscape, and the exuberant watercolorist is looking forward to bringing some of the inspirations from her trip into some of her new works.

Come to Waxlander Gallery to see the vivid watercolors of Phyllis Kapp and to explore the gallery that is one of her birthday wishes come true.