An Explosion Of Color | Marshall Noice

Valley View Marshall Noice An Explosion Of Color | Marshall Noice

Valley View – Marshall Noice

The beginning of July is a time of excitement. The summer is in full swing, and people are eager to come together in celebration of season and country. The culminations of this are the coast-to-coast fireworks displays, filling the skies with light and color. From municipal displays which soar majestically overhead to detonate into a sea of sparkling hue, to fountains of glimmering light filling driveways, every shade is represented with energetic enthusiasm.

Maples Many Lakes Marshall Noice 300x300 An Explosion Of Color | Marshall Noice

Maples, Many Lakes – Marshall Noice

Luckily, the celebration doesn’t have to end once revelers return home. Exuberant color can prolong the feeling of joy and happiness, and that is what fills the canvas of Marshall Noice’s landscapes. By focusing on emotion rather than reality, his works are filled with vibrant hues which can rival any fireworks display and help maintain the jubilant spirit all year long.

Marshall Noice’s newest works are on display now during his one-man exhibition “Seasons Of Color

Across Tally Lake Marshall Noice 300x300 An Explosion Of Color | Marshall Noice

Across Tally Lake – Marshall Noice

The tall trees and varied hues of “Maples, Many Lakes” has the same excited energy as the finale of a major fireworks display, while “Wood Roses, West Shore” has pops of color rising into the air in much the same way as a fountain. Those who love the golden tendrils of light of a roman candle will find the tall trees of “Across Tally Lake” to their liking, while the flecks of sky peeking through the trees in “Valley View” offers a glimpse much like that of looking through the showers of sparks.

Whether you’re looking to hold onto the feeling of a fireworks display all year long, or want to bring the vibrant life of a landscape into your home you will find it in Marshall Noice’s work.

Come into Waxlander Gallery through July 6th to see Marshall Noice’s “Seasons Of Color

Wood Roses West Shoe Marshall Noice An Explosion Of Color | Marshall Noice

Wood Roses, West Shoe – Marshall Noice

Seasons Of Color | Marshall Noice

Willows West Shore Marshall Noice Seasons Of Color | Marshall Noice

Willows, West Shore – Marshall Noice

“Making a painting that is exactly like reality has never been high on my list of priorities.” – Marshall Noice

A lush landscape invites the viewer to explore a world of rich color. Each piece is focused not on the reality of the scene, but on the feelings associated with it. The hues represent the emotions felt while the artist worked. Energetic shades depict movement and life, while cool tones reflect serenity. This unique blend of scene and sentiment is the work of Marshall Noice, and his latest works are currently on display during his one-man exhibition “Seasons of Color.”

Marshall Noice’s “Seasons Of Color” will be on display through July 6th, with an opening reception on Friday June 26th from 5-8 PM.

Portraying Emotion

Maples Many Lakes Marshall Noice 300x300 Seasons Of Color | Marshall Noice

Maples, Many Lakes – Marshall Noice

Noice is captivated by the landscape and by color. He can often be found near his home in Montana, or in New Mexico, capturing the evolving nature of his favorite places. Although it is the land that inspires him, portraying the realism of the view is not his goal. Instead he focuses on the emotions of the moment. The light, the air and the ambiance are different every time he picks up his brush, and it is these subtle shifts in what can sometimes be a seemingly static world that he seeks to show in his vivid works.

Trees become energetic explosions of color, fueled by life, while cool pools of shadow offer contrast and relief. Variegated areas of ground can convey whether the day was busy or calm while Noice was working.

Nuance And Hue

“For many years I have been passionately interested in how colors affect each other, especially when adjacent to one another.  That interest has lead me to an exploration of how groups of colors look when placed together and more importantly how groups of colors make me feel.” – Marshall Noice

Orange On The Stillwater Marshall Noice 300x230 Seasons Of Color | Marshall Noice

Orange On The Stillwater – Marshall Noice

As a master of Color Theory, Noice understands the vital ways that varied tones can affect a viewer. A subtle shift in hue can dramatically alter the way that a piece is perceived, and can bear a different emotional balance than a single shade. It also gives greater depth to a scene, allowing audiences a chance for further exploration in the worlds of vibrant color.

One of the new things to look for in Noice’s recent works is groupings of similar colors in a piece. Slight variations of tone and saturation have started to appear where more solid colors were used in previous works, and the results are paintings that convey an even deeper understanding of emotion and place.

Come in and see Marshall Noice’s newest works during “Seasons of Color” and visit during the artist reception on June 26th for an opportunity to meet the artist and discuss his vibrant paintings in oil and pastel.

A Matter Of Focus | Christopher Owen Nelson

Monarch Christopher Owen Nelson A Matter Of Focus | Christopher Owen Nelson

Monarch – Christopher Owen Nelson

Photographers sometimes use a technique called bokeh. By focusing their lenses on a particular element of a photograph, the subject has a distinct clarity while the rest of the image is blurred. It invites the viewer to not only reflect on the part that drew the photographer’s eye, but also its place in an unknown world.

Christopher Owen Nelson uses a similar effect in his reverse-carved plexiglass paintings. A single tree, or perhaps a small grove stand in stark relief to the blurry world beyond the area of focus. The effect is to allow the viewer to question the place of the subject in the unknown world beyond, and subsequently their own place in the known world.

Christopher Owen Nelson’s Newest Works Are On Display Now As Part Of His One-man Show “Running From Time.”

Duality Christopher Owen Nelson 238x300 A Matter Of Focus | Christopher Owen Nelson

Duality – Christopher Owen Nelson

Nelson’s “Duality” shows a tree partially stripped of bark. Exposed to the world it captures the dual nature within people as well, there is the tough exterior which is able to withstand the sometimes harsh nature of experience, while protecting the more vulnerable core. Will the landscape beyond the tree be kind or demanding of the soft wood?

In “Blaze of Glory” weathered branches stand strong as a new day dawns. Despite whatever hardships have been set against the tree, it is resolute and determined to maintain it’s place in its world. In “Monarch” aspens stand sentinel to an undiscovered landscape. Elders oversee the saplings, each witnessing the passage of travelers to the realm beyond their reach. Who will pass beneath their branches next?

Blaze Of Glory Christopher Owen Nelson 254x300 A Matter Of Focus | Christopher Owen Nelson

Blaze Of Glory – Christopher Owen Nelson

Nelson’s work not only allows viewers to reflect on our world as they view his, but they allow audiences to step outside of time for a brief moment as they contemplate the nature of the scene before them. Just as bokeh brings a clarity to a small portion of reality, Nelson’s work brings understanding to the landscape of the mind.

See Christopher Owen Nelson’s “Running From Time” Through June 22nd!