Step Up To The Plate | Jami Tobey

artist gallery 1419005898 where the air is clear web Step Up To The Plate | Jami Tobey

Where The Air Is Clear – Jami Tobey

ARTsmart was established in 1993 with the goal of supporting the arts in Santa Fe Public Schools, and for many years Waxlander has been an ardent supporter of the non-profit and it’s mission. Our artists regularly participate in the gala dinner and auctions, and this year we are pleased to announce that Jami Tobey will be taking part as an artist during this month’s Step Up To The Plate dinner.

See Jami Tobey painting during the ARTfeast Gala Dinner on February 21. Purchase your tickets here.

A First-Time Honor

“This is a big honor for me to be asked to participate and to paint and to represent Waxlander as one of the artists.”
artist 1415055491 jami pic 188x300 Step Up To The Plate | Jami Tobey

Jami Tobey

Though she has attended other ARTfeast functions, this will be the first of their events that Tobey will be participating in as an artist. During the evening she will be one of six creators participating in a Quick Draw. She will be working alongside three other professional artists and two students, each creating an original work from start to finish within a strict time limit. At the conclusion of the evening the resulting piece will be placed in the auction with the proceeds going to support art in the schools.

Painting With A Plan

“I always have a really good vision of what I want to do.”
artist gallery 1415055814 reflection web 183x300 Step Up To The Plate | Jami Tobey

Reflection – Jami Tobey

In order to create a new work in a set period of time Tobey finds that it is best to start with a firm plan in mind. This allows her to focus on the task and complete the piece to her standards. For the gala dinner she is planning to work on a southwestern landscape with bright and bold colors, and if time permits she might even start a second work.

Knowing what she wants to paint before she even picks up a brush also allows Tobey time to interact with the people who may not be familiar with her work. One of the draws of her style is the distinctive skies, and she has found that many people like watching her paint them, especially her unique clouds.

Supporting The Arts

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing what I can produce in a limited time.”

The opportunity to interact with people while painting is something that Jami Tobey is looking forward to about the evening. However there is also the excitement about the reason for the event. Ultimately she is pleased that her art will go to supporting a good cause.

“Hopefully the proceeds from ARTfeast gives all children an outlet of creativity.”

In addition to seeing Tobey painting during the dinner, attendees will have the option to bid on works from other Waxlander artists in the silent auction. Purchase your tickets here for the February 21st ARTsmart Gala Dinner.



Thoughts Of Home | Lori Faye Bock

Small Talk Lori Faye Bock Thoughts Of Home | Lori Faye Bock

Small Talk – Lori Faye Bock

There is a sense of nostalgia in Lori Faye Bock’s whimsical works. Animals take center stage, portraying familiar emotions in everyday places. Viewers empathize with the subjects, making them even more relevant. Yet probably one of the most powerful aspects in her art is a persistent draw to that most comfortable of places: home. It is where her pieces begin and where they lead us to.

Nearby Inspirations

River WEB 300x225 Thoughts Of Home | Lori Faye Bock

Bock’s Home Along The Chama River

Home is where Bock finds many of her inspirations. Her residence along the Chama River affords her an endless stream of subjects to study. She is able to contemplate, daydream and hope on the many benches and rocks that are scattered around the property, listening to the flow of the river and the sounds of wildlife. Birds fly and play among the trees in the apple orchards and in her towering conifers, and watching them is something both Bock and her indoor cats find entertaining.

Integrating Memories

River 2 WEB 224x300 Thoughts Of Home | Lori Faye BockFamily is another thing that is close to home, and incorporating their memories is something that Bock is investigating for future pieces. A postage stamp collection that belonged to her father, and family photos covering several generations have recently come into her possession. The beauty and intrigue that she sees in them is something that she is beginning to utilize in her work. Combined with handmade papers and vintage maps she is exploring integrating elements of collage into her paintings.

Painting Home

Bock is currently contemplating revisiting several of her favorite themes. Her ABC grid paintings, which illustrate a theme, is one of the styles she is looking forward to working in again. Family is also among the subjects that she is contemplating alongside future works. However, it is home that is playing out in her current works. She has already created several skirt paintings that incorporate her new collage elements, and is currently working on a landscape that brings together trees, birds and houses into a neighborhood.

(Older works that demonstrate the themes she is revisiting)

See Lori Faye Bock’s whimsical works at Waxlander Gallery or on her artist page.

Place Your Bids | Waxlander’s Annual Art Auction

Wax Auction 2015 Place Your Bids | Waxlander’s Annual Art Auction
Auctions are a staple of the art world. Whether one is looking for works from old masters, or a new piece from an up-and-coming artisan, bidding on chosen pieces is one of the way that art finds its way into new homes and offices. Galleries also hold auctions to allow collectors a chance to explore the works of more creators for prices that are unbeatable.

Here at Waxlander Gallery our annual art auction is underway, and there is no better time to begin or add to your collection. You can bid now through 4:00 PM on February 7th, and with 25 of our artists participating you’re sure to find plenty of pieces that you’d like to display in your home.

Visit the artist page for each of your favorites to see their offerings and then call in your bid.

How it works:

Painted Emotions Javier Lopez Barbosa 300x243 Place Your Bids | Waxlander’s Annual Art Auction

Painted Emotions – Javier Lopez Barbosa – 2015 Auction

The minimum bids for selected pieces will vary, with two-dimensional pieces starting at 40% off the retail price. Three-dimensional pieces will start at 25% off the regular price. For works starting under $1000 bidding will be in increments of $50, pieces starting above $1000 will have bidding increments of $100. Buy it now options are also available on all works.

This is a phone-in auction, so once you decide what pieces you would like to have, place your bids by calling the gallery at (505) 984-2202 or toll free at (800) 342-2202.

What’s Available

artist gallery 1422398953 emanation web 239x300 Place Your Bids | Waxlander’s Annual Art Auction

Emanation – Mike McKee – 2015 Auction

There are 25 artists participating, bringing a wide range of paintings and sculpture to the offerings. Landscapes, still-lifes, animals abstracts and more are all available in two-dimensional works. Three dimensional pieces include works in stone, cast bronze, steel and more.

Bidding closes at 4 PM on Saturday February 7th. Call us at (505) 984-2202 to place your bid today.