Gifts of the Holiday

Sunflowers Over Lavender Hill Matthew Higginbotham Gifts of the Holiday

Sunflowers Over Lavender Hill – Matthew Higginbotham

The holidays hold a special place in the hearts of many. It is a time to be with family and friends, and in many traditions exchange gifts or well wishes. People reminisce of the changes the previous year brought and look forward to the large events of the seasons to come.

Here at Waxlander Gallery we are preparing for our own celebration with our family of artists. Pieces are arriving daily for our upcoming Annual Holiday Group Show, “Gifts of the Holiday,” and we’re busy preparing to spend time with art-loving friends during two receptions.

Mark your calendar and join us on November 28th and again on December 26 for the receptions with some of our artists.

One Rio Chama Marshall Noice 238x300 Gifts of the Holiday

One Rio Chama – Marshall Noice

The show will include new works from many of our artists, and includes a range of sizes and genres to fit any space. Abstracts, animals, landscapes, sculptures and more will fill our walls from November 25th, through January 1st. It’s the perfect time to see how the work of your favorites has evolved over the year, or acquaint yourself with the styles of some of our newer artists.

Though the show doesn’t officially open for a few more days, you can browse the pieces as they arrive. Visit the pages of your favorite artists and look for the red 2014 Holiday Show label to see which pieces they will have featured. With so much new art arriving at once you’ll have a hard time deciding which you’ll want to see first.

We look forward to seeing you during the receptions for “Gifts of the Holiday.”

Finding His Voice | Efrain Saldana

Seated Woman Efrain Saldana Finding His Voice | Efrain Saldana

Seated Woman – Efrain Saldana

A slight smile, tilt of a head or turn of an eye are all subtle ways to express emotion, but they can convey as much as any grander gesture. There is an art to subtlety, and artist Efrain Saldana uses it to great effect to portray the people in his works. Make no mistake though, while the expressions on the people in his works are restrained, they are surrounded by energetic light and color.

Waxlander Gallery welcomes Efrain Saldana and his brightly exuberant art.

Color and Culture

Cat Efrain Saldana 220x300 Finding His Voice | Efrain Saldana

Cat – Efrain Saldana

Saldana was raised in a small Colombian village that was in the middle of a jungle. There he was allowed to raise a variety of wildlife including birds, iguanas, monkeys and more. This early affinity for animals is evident in his work, where cats, birds and even fish can be seen alongside the human subjects.

Another early influence comes from family trips to a local fishing village. While the goal of these outings was to buy fish, Saldana was immersed in color and culture. The brightly painted houses, which were built on stilts, and the variety of fish he saw in the canoes also influences his work today.

Developing In Art

Woman With Fish and Bird Efrain Saldana 240x300 Finding His Voice | Efrain Saldana

Woman With Fish and Bird – Efrain Saldana

Saldana started down the path of professional artist in 1985 when he began to study drawing and perspective at The House of Culture in Bucaramanga, Colombia. After two years of classes there he studied under maestro Mario Hernandez Prada, Saldana spent five years studying color theory and philosophy of art with Prada, who is one of the pioneers of modern art in Colombia. Saldana then concluded his formal education with two years of art history at the Industrial University of Santander in Bucaramanga.

Saldana spent several years searching for his voice as an artist before he started painting little Spanish Colonial Casitas. It was these works that led him to develop his style. Within them he was able to find a canon of authentic beauty that fulfilled his expectations, and allowed him to evolve his style.

Progressing & Experimentation

While he has shown work since 1986, Saldana is an artist perpetually expanding his skills and repertoire. In addition to his paintings he has tried his hand at sculpting using polymers and other modern materials. He has also tried to ultilize a variety of media into his exuberant paintings.

While his modern works may eventually incorporate more contemporary materials, one thing about Saldana’s art will remain constant: his eye for detail. The subtle nuance, intricate shading and vivid color represent who is is today, but they display a level of love, passion and commitment that he intends to maintain throughout his career.

Come into Waxlander Gallery to see these and other works from Efrain Saldana.

A Sky Full Of Clouds | The Art of Jami Tobey

Bliss Jami Tobey A Sky Full Of Clouds | The Art of Jami Tobey

Bliss – Jami Tobey

“My art is meant to be joyful and meditative and soothing.” – Jami Tobey

Large swirls of puffy clouds rise over barns and houses. Each curve and striation is marked by a single stroke of contrasting color. The painting has a distinctly stained glass effect, and that is just the way that Jami Tobey likes it. The artist is known for her paintings that resemble mosaics, and the leaded-glass clouds is one of her hallmarks.

We are pleased to welcome Jami Tobey to Waxlander Gallery and Sculpture Garden, and invite you to view her work and experience her painted glass world.

Surrounded By Art

“The look is a mash-up of all the things I wanted to do in art.”

Enchantment Jami Tobey 180x300 A Sky Full Of Clouds | The Art of Jami Tobey

Enchantment – Jami Tobey

Tobey was raised in an environment filled with art. Her father, Gene Tobey, was a well known sculptor. As a child she would spend hours in her father’s studio, learning different styles and techniques. It was this immersion at an early age that set her on a path of creativity.

It was after college that she started to develop her own signature style with paint. Tobey was interested in a variety of media, including stained glass and mosaics. But it was her father that influenced her once more when he suggested she develop her skills in one discipline. That was when she started incorporating the mosaic look into her drawings and paintings.

The resulting works connected with collectors, who soon began informing Tobey that the paintings would shift and change with the light. The effect was one of a stained glass glow, and was one that became associated with her.

A World Of Inspiration

“Often really simple things move me and I need to get into the studio.”

Warm Springs Jami Tobey 300x300 A Sky Full Of Clouds | The Art of Jami Tobey

Warm Springs – Jami Tobey

Tobey is an artist who finds inspiration wherever she goes. Some of the things that influence her the most are the things many people see on a daily basis. Trees, clouds and old barns are high among her inspirations, but often it is something simple. A passage in a book or song, a color or the activities of her children can evoke the need to create.

Landscapes Of The Mind

“Most of the time the landscapes are really about the clouds and tone of the pieces are based on the clouds.”

Heart Song Jami Tobey 300x300 A Sky Full Of Clouds | The Art of Jami Tobey

Heart Song – Jami Tobey

While Tobey is inspired by nature, it is not an exact representation that she portrays with her work. Photos and sketches help her to form the ideas, but the landscape quickly becomes stylized. Natural striations and color variations are broken down into shapes that work well with her mosaic styling, and the sky is expanded.

Ultimately the landscapes form the base for Tobey’s signature clouds. Just as in nature, what is above is reflected below. Calm skies featuring large and puffy clouds oversee the laid back lifestyle of farms and villages, while swirling and frenetic clouds capture the essences of untamed vistas and desert landscapes. It is a mosaic world as intricate and diverse as the one in which we live.

Come into Waxlander Gallery to immerse yourself in the painted mosaic worlds of Jami Tobey.