In the Abstract | Mike McKee’s Newest Sculpture

In The Abstract Mike Mckee In the Abstract | Mike McKee’s Newest Sculpture

In The Abstract – Mike Mckee

I wanted to create a piece with a lot of motion, while still working with a bit of illusion. I love the reaction I get from people when they see that the sculpture bends and twists and is still one solid piece of stone.”

Where the average person might only see rock, Mike McKee finds inspiration. Under his careful hand the beauty of stone is brought to life. Intrinsic details are revealed and enhanced, even while the sculptor’s own vision melds with the intricacies of the material. The results are stunning in the way they honor both the work of nature and the dedication of artist.

McKee’s newest work, ‘In the Abstract,’ is no different. Raspberry Alabaster curves and undulates. Bands of color are enhanced by the glossy finish, and the feel of the finished piece is organic yet measured.

See Mike McKee’s ‘In the Abstract’ during our 2014 Group Holiday Show ‘Gifts of the Holiday’

IMG 2179 web 224x300 In the Abstract | Mike McKee’s Newest SculptureThe piece represents several firsts for McKee. The smooth, looping style was a technical challenge that allowed him to push his skills. “Some pieces lend themselves to this more than others, and knowing just how far to go creates an excitement around something technical,” he explains.

In addition it was his first time working with Raspberry Alabaster. Though he has worked with several other varieties of alabaster over the years, there is always a point of discovery with each type. “As i started to shape the piece, curiosity got the best of me and i sanded a portion of the sculpture, revealing a nice banding to the stone,” says McKee.

Whether it’s your first time seeing a McKee sculpture, or you are a long-time follower, ‘In the Abstract’ is a perfect example of his intricate and carefully crafted works.

Come to Waxlander Gallery to see ‘In the Abstract’ or view it on Mike McKee’s artist page.

Life Sketches | Victor Arnold


artist gallery 1409690743 cafe europa ii web Life Sketches | Victor Arnold

Cafe Europa II – Victor Arnold

“Sometime I see a narrative, and if not I create or invent one” – Victor Arnold

Everybody has a story, and it is these tales that Victor Arnold attempts to convey through his paintings. The compulsive sketcher is at home in places where he can watch people and try to see their internal narratives.The results are colorful works that captures the natural interactions between his subjects and their environment.

Waxlander Gallery welcomes Victor Arnold and his colorful, representational paintings of human interaction.

artist gallery 1411585549 shes so shy web 300x300 Life Sketches | Victor Arnold

She’s So Shy – Victor Arnold

As both an artist and an architect, Arnold is known for seeking out his subjects in historically interesting places. He makes yearly sojourns to Europe, and spends his time in a number of historically famous coffee houses. Locations such as the Caffe Greco in Rome or the Les Deux Magots in Paris are scenes of eternal inspiration for the consummate people watcher.

“You feel invited to sketch in the cafes there – this is part of their culture.”

artist gallery 1409692605 unmatch dot com angelinos web 300x300 Life Sketches | Victor Arnold – Angelino’s F2 – Victor Arnold

Another draw of the European cafe is how the atmosphere can change over the course of the day. There are periods of reflection, when customers sip coffees and read, then bouts of clientele engaging in intense conversation. By observing these shifts he is never lacking in material, and you can see this in the diversity of his pieces.

Arnold gives voice to the interactions that he sees and portrays them in a way that are immediately understandable to the viewer. ‘Cafe Europa II’ has an air of quiet solitude as a man reads the daily paper, while there is a sense of disconnect in ‘ – Angelino’s -F2.’ Haughty importance pervades ‘All Three Chairs Are Taken’ and ‘She’s So Shy’ exudes a feeling of self-imposed isolation.

In the end, each of the works is about communication. From the actual words he hears to the nuance of stance and expression he sees, Arnold is able to give the viewer an understanding of the interactions through his paintings. “Talking is just one way of touching,” he says, and by looking at his works you can immediately understand how the people whose lives he sketched have touched each other through their words.

Come to Waxlander Gallery to see the sketched and painted narratives of Victor Arnold.

An Artful Holiday


Love Beauty and Pleasure April Deming An Artful Holiday

Love, Beauty, and Pleasure – April Deming

The holidays are a time for giving gifts of the soul. People welcome family and friends into the warmth of their homes to share memories. They donate time to help those in need, and it is a season in which everybody wishes the best for others.

In a way it is akin to the process of making art. With each piece an artist shares a bit of their unique vision. They give their time to an endeavor which inevitably makes the world a brighter place, and they impart into their work a desire to spark an emotion within the viewer.

Here at Waxlander Gallery we are honored to share some of these gifts of the soul. Our annual group holiday show “Gifts of the Holiday” is currently on display and we welcome you to come see the latest works of the more than twenty participating artists.

Join us on November 28th and again on December 26 for the receptions with some of our artists.

Eternal Joy Javier Lopez Barbosa1 300x273 An Artful Holiday

Eternal Joy – Javier Lopez Barbosa

Paintings capture a moment in time. What the artist sees and feels are transferred to canvas. Color becomes a tool; it is light and shadow, form and void, and a guide to the viewer. Each painter speaks of the world they know in different terms. Abstracts like those of Javier Lopez Barbosa use pure hues to evoke a feeling, while Sharon Markwardt and Lori Faye Bock use animals to reflect the world through new eyes. The landscapes of Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham, Patrick Matthews and Jami Tobey invite the viewer into new worlds, yet the still life works such as those by Sangita Phadke, Dominique Boisjoli, and April Deming can awaken a world of nostalgic memory. Henriette Simon Picker and Victor Arnold seem to express even the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

In The Abstract Mike McKee 239x300 An Artful Holiday

In The Abstract – Mike McKee

Sculptors bring their vision into the third dimension, and we have four participating in the show this year. Each surface, angle or curve is carefully balanced and considered, the impact on the final piece weighed. The results are works that are evocative and meaningful from multiple viewpoints. Chris Turri’s sculptures reflect the voices of native people, while the organic curves of Mike McKee’s stone works awaken a connection to something deeper within. Terrell Powell’s colorful birds are whimsical and fun, and Ann Fleming’s cast bronze pieces are playful and highlight a caring nature.



In the Heat Of The Night Christopher Owen Nelson 300x197 An Artful Holiday

In the Heat Of The Night – Christopher Owen Nelson

Then there are those works which are both painting and sculpture. The carved and painted plexiglass works of Christopher Owen Nelson, woven copper paintings of Suzanne Donazetti, and painted steel forms of husband and wife team Josiane Childers and Justin West, all stand in relief from the wall. As the viewer moves they are exposed to new facets and fresh ways to interact with the piece. While the collaborative painting and sculpture works from Sandy Keller and Jim Moore present a world that is both tangible and not.

We invite you to visit and experience the works of these and all our artists this holiday season. “Gifts of the Holiday” will be on display through January 1st.