Woven Dreams | Suzanne Donazetti

River Mist Suzanne Donazetti Woven Dreams | Suzanne Donazetti

River Mist – Suzanne Donazetti

The art of weaving predates written history. From baskets and barriers to tapestries, clothing and beyond it has pervaded almost every period in human existence. However, Suzanne Donazetti’s process is unique. Each of her woven creations starts as two pieces of sheet copper, upon which she paints. Once dried she cuts the sheets into strips and merges the two pieces into one. The results are complex, yet warm and colorful.

Suzanne Donazetti’s latest works are on display through August 3rd during her “Evolving Intersections

Green Curves Suzanne Donazetti 255x300 Woven Dreams | Suzanne Donazetti

Green Curves – Suzanne Donazetti

The land is one of Donazetti’s biggest inspirations as she works, and collectors will often see references to places or scenes in nature in the titles of her pieces. In her “River Mist” one can see the hints of blue and green that make up the flowing water, and silver tendrils rise above to create the feel of an early morning fog low over the land. In her “Green Curves” the rich colors seem to suggest a vibrant garden filled with an array of colorful blooms, each striving to be seen against the blanket of green formed my leaves and grass.

For Just A Second Suzanne Donazetti 282x300 Woven Dreams | Suzanne Donazetti

For Just A Second – Suzanne Donazetti

The natural warmth of copper also serves as a natural carrier for her abstracted paintings. It infuses each piece with a glow that isn’t possible with a traditional canvas. While the metal lends its lustre to all of her works, sometimes it plays as vital a role in terms of shade and hue as the paints. Her “For Just A Second” evokes a feeling of joy with the burst of varied hues, but it is the woven copper which provides a sense of permanence to the emotion.

See these pieces and more during “Evolving Intersections

Evolving Intersections | Suzanne Donazetti

Essential Whispers Invisible Suzanne Donazetti Evolving Intersections | Suzanne Donazetti

Essential Whispers Invisible – Suzanne Donazetti

Art is something that naturally exists in the intersections of life. It rests in the divide between the real and the ideal; where the everyday meets fantasy. With each viewing the sensibilities of the audience meets the intention of the artist.

Despite the natural intersections of art, few works feature as many as those of Suzanne Donazetti. Hers is a mix of traditional and unexpected; painting and sculpture. Her woven copper pieces provide an even greater depth as they join two individual works into a single piece, which guides the viewer on a further exploration of art.

Suzanne Donazetti’s latest works are on display now during her one-woman exhibition “Evolving Intersections”through August 3rd.

Two Become One

“It’s challenging to paint on two separate “canvases” in anticipation that they will weave together into a coherent piece.  ‘Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.’”

Twilight Whispers Suzanne Donazetti 273x300 Evolving Intersections | Suzanne Donazetti

Twilight Whispers – Suzanne Donazetti

Each of Donazetti’s works starts with two canvasses. Flat sheets of copper are the base upon which she builds paintings of ink and acrylic. She layers the colors on, and watches how they change and interact until she is satisfied.

Once the paint has dried Donazetti cuts the sheet of copper into strips. Those are then woven together, transforming two pieces into a single work.

Intersections Of Life

“The colors, shadows and light around Carrizozo are very inspiring to me, especially The Valley of Fires.”

Malpais Mysteries Suzanne Donazetti 283x300 Evolving Intersections | Suzanne Donazetti

Malpais Mysteries – Suzanne Donazetti

Art and life also intersect during periods of transition. New experiences and changes in one’s everyday patterns can awaken the senses and allow a person to see the world with fresh wonder. A recent move from Maryland back to New Mexico has provided Donazetti with just such a transition. Many viewers will see the familiar greens of the east coast in some works, while the vibrant hues of the southwest fill others.

Even the everyday intersections of camaraderie and nature come together to provide inspiration to Donazetti. Regular trips with friends to the malpais for moon-viewing parties are something she finds enjoyable and breathtaking.

Blending Of Illusions

“The feelings I would like the viewer to have are feelings of peace, calm, harmony…. almost a sense of meditation.  I want the viewer to feel good when looking at my work”

Fire On The Mesa Suzanne Donazetti 265x300 Evolving Intersections | Suzanne Donazetti

Fire On The Mesa – Suzanne Donazetti

Though Donazetti’s inspiration is the land, the initial paintings on copper are not true to life. Rather they are impressions of what she sees and the feelings associated with it. Some familiar forms shine through, but the intent is more powerful. When that painting is combined with another in the final form, the viewer is presented with two similar but separate ideals, and is asked to explore them both.

This intersection, of reality and intent, causes another: that of the mundane and fantasy. For just a moment Donazetti’s art asks the viewer to leave the known behind and stroll through the calming worlds where change and joining of disparate entities are the norm.

Join Us On Friday July 24th During The Artist Reception For Suzanne Donazetti’s “Evolving Intersections” 5-8 PM.

Capturing A Moment | Andree Hudson

Moving On Andree Hudson Capturing A Moment | Andree Hudson

Moving On – Andree Hudson

On My MInd Andree Hudson 215x300 Capturing A Moment | Andree Hudson

On My MInd – Andree Hudson

Every moment in time is filled with sensation and emotion. Sounds, smells, the feel of the air, the colors, and the feelings all combine and define that instant. While these snapshots of life live on in memory, it is more difficult to convey that second when it’s frozen. Andree Hudson rises to the challenge, using vibrant colors and nuance of form to give viewers the sense of presence in her powerful paintings.

Hudson’s human subjects convey an array of emotion through subtle pose and precise use of color and light upon the canvas. In “On My Mind” the subject is deep in thought. However the viewer can also see that while the matter weighs on the person’s mind, it is not a heavy burden. Dark colors in the background indicate a serious nature, but the relaxed pose and lightness surrounding the woman indicate a resolve as well.

Derby Andree Hudson 300x211 Capturing A Moment | Andree Hudson

Derby – Andree Hudson

Hudson is equally adept at conveying the excitement of a moment. “Derby” gives audiences a feel at being present for the race. The angle of the strong steeds as they round the curve and the spring-like pose of the riders shows the speeds at which the horses are running. The vibrant mix of colors adds the sense of excitement, almost as if one can feel the cheer of spectators as they rally behind their favorite.

From the resolve of a quiet moment to the frenetic energy of a running herd, Hudson is able to convey that moment in time so that it is as fresh in the viewer’s mind as if they had lived it themselves.

See Andree Hudson’s Newest Works During “Illumination” Through July 20th.