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    Waxlander Art Gallery

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    Matthew Higginbotham

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    Andree Hudson

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    Christopher Owen Nelson

Waxlander Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden


Waxlander Gallery started with a dream: Phyllis Kapp wanted to sell her artwork along Santa Fe's Canyon Road. In December 1985, only days before her 55th birthday, she left Chicago with the goal of doing just that. She arrived on a snowy evening and rented a room for a studio. Now, more than three decades later, her dream has blossomed into a Canyon Road landmark, and the one-room studio has grown to a thriving fifteen room gallery.

Since its founding, Waxlander Gallery has grown to encompass a vibrant collection of works from a stable of both prominent and emerging contemporary artists, each one selected by Phyllis herself for the joyful nature their work conveys. Visitors today can still expect to see the exuberant watercolors by Kapp at the heart of the gallery, and in addition they can also experience the colorful oil landscapes of Marshall Noice, the lively acrylic Southwestern scenes of Andree Hudson, radiant oil landscapes by Matthew Higginbotham, expressive oil abstracts by Javier Lopez Barbosa, the carved Plexiglass works of Christopher Owen Nelson, and many more works from the more than 30 artists whose art is included.

We invite you to explore our website, where you can see inspired works from all of our artists, plan a visit for an art show, or learn more about artists or upcoming events on our blog.

Finally, for a truly southwestern experience, we recommend out of town guests book a stay in a unique Santa fe residence through Phyllis’s daughter, Wendy Kapp’s, ‘Two Casitas Vacation Rentals.’


Finding Its Place | Phyllis Kapp Personal Collection

  • Waxlander
  • Sep 15, 2017

Phyllis Kapp is more than an artist and gallerist, she is an art connoisseur. Over the course of her career she has mentored and encouraged countless other artists and propelled their careers. During that time ... Keep Reading

Warrior’s Realm | Bruce King

  • Waxlander
  • Aug 16, 2017

There is a memory in the shared unconscious of the world, a constant reminder of the struggles that man has endured. Its of a time when mankind had to fight for survival, when resources were fewer and communiti... Keep Reading

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