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Childers West

Artist Statement

Josiane Childers was born in the smoky mountains  of North Carolina but grew up in upstate New York. She was very driven to draw, paint and excel in learning from a young age. It was not until after receiving excellent training and encouragement from her high school art instructor, Nicholas Todisco, that she began to take art seriously. Josiane continued her education in fine art with inspirational teachers from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Purchase College in Westchester County, New York. This also included a semester abroad in Amsterdam at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her artist husband, Justin West, and their three German Shepherds.

Justin West was born in  Colorado, spent time in Germany as an infant with overseas parents, lived in upstate New York until age 11 and then finished growing up in Arizona. He has brought his many construction and mechanic experiences to his work as a metal artist. His obsession with old cars and trucks has evolved into a life working in painted steel sculptures. His sleek and striking sculptures range from landscape to abstract with the appearance of three-dimensional textures, even on flat surfaces.

Josiane works in acrylics on canvas and collaborates with her husband, Justin West, on various steel and Plexiglas sculptures. Their contemporary creations are truly original and extremely creative in color composition, design, style and texture. From her most abstract canvas paintings to their collaborative painted wall sculptures, the spacious sky and unique landscape of the desert southwest has an enlightening impact

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