Dominique Boisjoli

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Dominique Boisjoli

Artist Statement

   Dominique works in acrylic on canvas and paper with the addition of gold leaf creating her personal signature that fascinates her collectors.  She integrates gold leaf into her rich colors to display a kind of otherworldly treasure chest. The hues of lapis, turquoise, sugilite, emerald and pearl with gold accents lavish a visual feast upon the beholder. Her equally lush surfaces are built up with as many as 35 layers.

   For Boisjoli, painting conveys her own emotional response to the subject. “ Painting is an internal process for me, not a thinking one,” she confides. Her romantic titles, which are often in French, provide a further personalized touch. “The image says what it is,” she comments. “My title goes one step further and describes my own relationship to the work,  they are part of my signature…a part of me

  Originally from Montreal, Canada, Dominique started painting at the age of eight, and with the encouragement of her parents began studying with a professional artist and coach by the time she was 13 years old.

Dominique says that she often creates her works in a series, with each new painting telling a different piece of the “story” that she is trying to convey and including different details. “I usually continue working on a series until the opportunity that inspired me is fully expressed. I believe that approaching a painting this way infuses it with a certain amount of passion that would be absent if I just approached it cold. It is my hope that my excitement for the subject comes through in each painting.

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